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VΛRIΛBLE is an Australian-born Cultural Ambassador and Regional Advisor, award-winning cosplayer, Facebook Gaming Partner, broadcast host, costumier, SFX make-up artist and wigmistress, Disney alumna, and former National Streaming and Cosplay Ambassador.

Variable’s career spans intangible cultural heritage and popular culture such as music, games, major motion pictures, TV, theatre, comics, visual arts, make-up, costume, fashion, food, and ethnology.


"Australia's cosplay queen."

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"Australian pop culture royalty."

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Variable is a former Disney cast member featured in the training program at Disney University, Florida.
Formerly a front-page first placement partner co-host for Twitch at Fox Studios, Variable has appeared across Australian and North American television and digital networks for Disney, Sony, the NRMA, Totally Wild, Ubisoft, Child’s Play, and more.
Variable received a High Distinction from Trinity College London, and was scouted and invited to Singapore.


From humble beginnings in the Starlight Room, Variable was Australia’s first Cosplay Ambassador, Vice President of The Costume Society, and has since been a cosplay guest, panellist, and competition judge at events around the world, representing brands such as Disney, Universal, Blizzard, and Sony.
Variable also worked as a costumier with Fox Studios, YouTube Studios, the Opera House Archives, and on major motion pictures such as The Great Gatsby.

Make-Up & Wigs

Variable is a certified and accredited specialist special effects make-up artist, and wigdresser with ten years experience in Australia and the USA.
Beginning in theatrical productions, fashion and editorial, to film and television, with major production credits such as Wolverine and The Great Gatsby.
Variable has also been an invited guest for the International Make-Up Artists Trade Show (IMATS), and exhibited work in the IMATS Makeup Museum.

Advisor & Liaison

An experienced cultural ambassador and professional graduate with a demonstrated history of work over four continents, Variable was an Australian Cultural Advisor for the Walt Disney Company, and has been invited as a guest panellist, regional advisor, mentor for business management and entrepreneurship program graduates, cultural ambassador, and workshop host in Oceania, Asia, the USA, the UAE, and more.

Social Media

With over half a million dedicated followers across multiple channels, Variable is an established key opinion leader.
A Klout-ranked Expert, Variable was invited as a guest digital branding educator to Communicorp and Mission Providence, and was invited to become an Amazon Influencer, Facebook Creator, and Influence.co SELECT professional.
Variable partners with brands from around the world, representing and reviewing products for audiences with authenticity.

Charitable causes

Variable believes in the spirit of giving and has been supporting charity since childhood.
Best known for charity fan-screenings of films, Variable also co-organised Gifts For Strangers in Australia and the Hogwarts High Tea for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and was the founder of Causeplay (Cosplay For A Cause), which supports a variety of causes from social to environmental. In 2014 the group reached a fund-raising milestone of $US1mil for causes close to their hearts.




National Cosplay Ambassador, 2019
National Streaming Ambassador, 2019


Cosplayer of the Year nominee, the AGAs, 2018
National Cosplay Ambassador, 2018
National Streaming Ambassador, 2018


National Cosplay Ambassador, 2017
National Streaming Ambassador, 2017


National Cosplay Ambassador, OZCC 2016
Guest and Judge @ Oz Comic-Con Brisbane, Australia, 2016
Guest and Judge @ Oz Comic-Con Sydney, Australia, 2016
Guest and Judge @ Oz Comic-Con Melbourne, Australia, 2016
Guest and Judge @ Oz Comic-Con Adelaide, Australia, 2016
Guest and Judge @ Oz Comic-Con Perth, Australia, 2016
Guest and Judge @ AIcon, Tasmania, Australia, 2016
Tyrande, The Warcraft Premiere, Melbourne, Australia, 2016


Star Cosplayer @ Massive, Ubisoft, Sweden 2015
Guest and Judge @ Oz Comic-Con Sydney, Australia, 2015
Guest and Judge @ Games 15, Dubai, UAE, 2015
Judge @ SMASH, Sydney, Australia, 2015
Guest and Judge @ Oz Comic-Con Melbourne, Australia, 2015
Judge @ Ironfest, Lithgow, Australia, 2015
Cosplayer @ Armageddon Hamilton, New Zealand, 2015


Cosplayer for League Of Legends, Riot Games @ PAX Aus, Melbourne, Australia, 2014
Cosplay Ambassador and Make-up Museum Exhibitor @ IMATS, 2014
Cosplay Ambassador for Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft @ EB Expo, Sydney, Australia, 2014
Judge @ Ironfest, Lithgow, Australia, 2014
Judge @ Animania, Sydney, Australia, 2014
Cosplayer for League Of Legends, Riot Games, 2014

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Characters & Roles

In addition to her film, TV, and theatre work, Variable has co-created, fabricated, and applied over 200 cosplays, and one-off event costumes, wigs, props, and SFX applications to represent characters in an official capacity for launches, live-action content, and in-person appearances.

[WIP] Aria

Abyssian Knights, Dev Null Studios

SHD Agent

Tom Clancy’s The Division, Massive Ubisoft


Warcraft, The Beginning


(SFX) Overwatch, Blizzard

Judy Hopps

Judy Hopps

Disney XD, Disney

The Meowstress

Monster Hunter: Generations, Capcom

Road Warrior Miss Fortune

League of Legends, Riot Games

Arcade Miss Fortune

League of Legends, Riot Games


Tom Clancy’s The Division, Massive Ubisoft


You Can, The Sony Foundation, Sony

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