Costume Clear-Out!



I’m looking for new homes for some of my cossies! Please contact me with serious offers only.

I usually wear dress size 10-12 Aus (medium), and US6-7 shoes. Most have been worn unless listed as otherwise, and may need some love and repair. They’re a combination of machine and hand-sewn, and some purchased pieces. I’m happy to bundle and combine shipping, they will be posted from Australia. I may add more to this list but this is what I currently have put aside:

  • Wash (Firefly)
  • American Dream (Marvel)
  • Jessica Drew, Ultimate Spider-Woman (Marvel)
  • Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation officers (licensed)
  • Immortan Joe mask
  • Arya fabric

(I have existing offers on Lola Bunny and my Silent Hill nurse.)


Genderbent Wash (Firefly). [AVAILABLE]

Incl plastic dinosaurs and triceratops bag with “I’m a leaf on the wind” sticker, wig optional, matching tops and bottoms, and pseudo Hawaiian top. This costume is old so it’s certainly not award-winning quality, but it was only worn once so it could really use some more trips out! The boots I wore for it were handmade by a Sydney cobbler, and are real leather, size 6.5, so they were fairly exxy and I’m happy to sell them separately.

American Dream (Marvel Comics). [IN DISCUSSION]

Incl gloves, arm guards, kneepads, leg wraps, arm wraps, and bodysuit. Metal shield included for locals only as it’s too big for shipping. I’m keeping the corset for a different costume. It’s taken some battle-damage over the years, but is a very fun costume and gets a great response.

JDREW / Ultimate Spider-Woman / Jessica Drew / female Peter Parker clone (Marvel Comics). [SOLD AND SHIPPED]

Only worn once. I never finished the cowl, but it is included, with the bodysuit. Needs some TLC on the hands as the colour has flaked. Soles will need to be attached to the feet as I had it attached to my jazz ballet shoes, hah.

Honey Lemon, Big Hero 6. [AVAILABLE]

I made this from the first preview picture, months before the movie was released, so it’s not 100% but it would be a good starting point to modify from. Incl dress, headband, handbag, cardigan, stockings, glasses frames.

2 x Star Trek: The Next Generation women’s officers uniforms (licensed). [1x RESERVED] [1x AVAILABLE]

Sizes Sml and Med. The They were only worn once for a charity event. Small’s packaging has a tear at the top of the plastic.

Immortan Joe mask. [AVAILABLE]

This was a one-day build, only worn once, and will need some paint touch up – it’s not liking the heatwave we’re having right now.

Arya Stark (Game of Thrones) “’Arry” fabric. [SOLD AND SHIPPED]

I have a box with the fabric I was using for my unfinished Arya, which cost me over $100, but selling due to allergies. I tried sewing with gloves and nope.