Knowing convention etiquette is a handy tool to have up your sleeve. Artist: Smoochmotif

Connon Sense

Conventions and expos are widely considered a safehaven for the ostracised, the socially anxious, the awkward, the “uncool”, and their families. They offer a shining, welcoming harbour where even the least mainstream pop-culture fandoms are encouraged and shared with passionate, talented like-minds, and with many attendees living their day-to-day lives on the receiving end of
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DIY: The LEGO Movie nails

Hey varlings, this tutorial is something a little different… nail art themed around the characters of The LEGO Movie.  The characters we’ll be using as our inspiration are Benny (aka “1980-something Space Guy”), Emmet, Lucy (aka “Wyldstyle”), and the Bad Cop. Have short nails? Never fear! This look actually works even better on short nails as
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The Wire: A Beginner’s Guide to EL Wire Cosplay & Props

If you’re looking for a great and easy way to make your costumes and props glow on the go, this is probably the droid you’re looking for. Recently I started on my first light-up costume, and thought I’d put together a beginner’s guide of what I’ve read and learned so far for anyone else who’s thinking of starting
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Stretch Sewing – Tips & Tricks For Cosplayers

This article I’ll be talking about something a lot of superhero cosplayers can relate to – sewing stretch. Now I’m by no means a sewing guru or even a sewing veteran, and my sewing skills are admittedly lacking (especially with sewing machines, I didn’t get a machine until fairly recently), so I’m very much learning
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