28th June 2018

Discord Commands


!rules – Post chat rules.

!info – Post channel info.

!social – Post my social tags.

!donate – Donation alert.

!suggest x – Send x suggestion.



!rank – Show your rank.



!flipcoin – Flip a coin.

!roll – Roll a D6.

!poll new title | x | y | z – Start poll asking title with options x y z etc.

!poll results – End poll and see results.


Fun & Games

!bento @user – Give @user :bento:

!boba @user – Give @user :boba:

!cookie @user – Give @user :cookie:

!cake @user – Give @user :cake:

!fairybread @user – Give @user :fairybread:

!pressie @user x – Give @user x

!salad @user – Give @user :salad:

!dropbear – Play the “Drop Bear” game I made.

!rip x – Pay your last respects to x ( can be an @user)

!rps x – Play rock paper scissors. Replace x with rockpaper, or scissors.

!sydney – You’ll see.

!catfact – Post cat fact.



!google x – Search Google for x.

!youtube x – Search YouTube for x.

!imgur x – Search IMGUR for x.

!pokemon x – Search for pokémon named x.